Asked in Music, Scales and Key Signatures, Music Theory. 7 8 9. A flat key is a key that has a flat on its tonic note. Flat Key Rings 50 Pieces 1 inches Flat Key Rings Metal Keychain Rings Split Keyrings Flat O Ring for Home Car Office Keys Attachment(Silver) 4.7 out of 5 stars 181 $5.49 $ 5 . E.g. This will give you the major key! The key signature is made up of accidentals —sharps and flats—which are located to the right of the clef, and to the left of the time signature. Shortcut to knowing which key with flats. A key signature is the pattern of sharp, flat, or natural symbols placed together on the staff at the beginning of a piece of music, representing the composer's set of instructions about the piece's key, the notes that the musician needs to use to perform the piece. One of the easy ways to find out a key with flats is to see what the penultimate flat is.

The key signature for F major has one flat (B flat) , while the key signature for F minor has four flats (B flat, E flat, A flat, and D flat). A sharp key is a key that has a sharp on its tonic note. Take the quiz if there are 5 Flats in a key signature (B, E, A, D, G) just take the penultimate flat (D flat) and you have the key which is D flat major! 49 $5.99 $5.99

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