Mixing Klezmer, Balkan, and Romanian styles with an eclectic range of N Delighting audiences for over fifteen years, the band is grounded in the traditional roots music of America, Ireland and Northern Europe with imaginative ventures across musical borders. For example, She thought taking the boys to a topless show was beyond the pale. The phrase "beyond the pale" dates back to the 14th century, when the part of Ireland that was under English rule was delineated by a boundary made of such stakes or fences, and known as the English Pale. Most people know the definition of the word pale to mean lacking in color, without color or a light shade of color.

To travel outside of that boundary, beyond the pale, was to leave behind all the rules and institutions of English society, which the English modestly considered synonymous with civilization itself.

Sundays, noon to 1 p.m., on WBAI/New York, 99.5 FM. Beyond The Pale featured at North Texas Irish Festival, Dallas Fair Park, March 6 and 7! Toronto’s Beyond the Pale has been making its distinctive brand of boundary-busting Eurofolk fusion for nearly 20 years. BEYOND THE PALE explores cutting edge Jewish culture and offers local, national, and international political debate and analysis from a Jewish perspective. Just Aired.

True to their name, Beyond The Pale delivers a wild musical ride outside the boundaries of convention. The idiomatic term “beyond the pale” means out of bounds or the parameters set forth for a given area or situation..

Beyond The Pale Meaning. The noun pale , from the Latin palum , meant “a stake for fences” or “a fence made from such stakes.” By extension it came …

Origin of this idiomatic expression.

Home page of Beyond the Pale, a world group from Toronto.

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