(For comparison, the entire Upper Nile River, a stretch well over 1,400 km long, supports only about 115 fish species.) Evolution, population genetics and speciation in African freshwater fishes. The turbulent lower Congo River, home to hundreds of fish species, is not only Earth's deepest river; it also presents biologists with an intriguing window into evolution. The basin covers 4 million km2. 30% of the 10,000 species of tropical plants here are endemic to the region. Cichlids. The Congo has more than known 80 species. Fish of the Congo River A local association of fishermen in Gamba, Gabon, controls fishing nets, and keeps track of the number and species of fish that each net/fisherman catches, to assist in monitoring off-take from the lagoon, rivers and lakes. Despite the harsh conditions of the central stream of the lower Congo, this stretch of the river boasts an exceptionally high diversity of fish species. It is found in the Congo River system and Lake Tanganyika and is the largest member of the family Alestidae. In the turbulent lower Congo River (indicated on the map in red), Melanie Stiassny studies convergent evolution in closely related fish species. Hydrological and biological diversity The lower Congo occupies just 2% of the area of the total Congo basin, but contains nearly 30% of all species, and 30% of those are endemic to the lower Congo, meaning that they are only found in this region. She studies fish on the lower Congo and over the past decade has discovered six new species (she's working on identifying three more). (Image credit: Courtesy of Melanie Stiassny) To find out, the scientists sent intrepid kayakers over the rapids in 2008 and 2009, deployed with equipment to measure the river depths.

It was six inches long, ghostly white and eyeless. Many of the killifishes in the genus Aphyosemion, such as A. cognatum, are not easy fish for the beginner to maintain.

400 species of mammals, 700 fish species, and 1,000 species of birds also live in the Congo Basin. The Mississippi River and its floodplain are home to a diverse population of living things: at least 260 species of fishes, 25% of all fish species in North America. More than 50 species of livebearers in the families Notobranchiidae and Poeciliidae are found in the Congo drainage, although many more undescribed species are expected here. The place is teeming with wildlife like gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos, forest elephants, and many other creatures, large and small.

The name ‘Congo River’ was derived from the Kingdom of Kongo that used to inhabit the lands surrounding the mouth of the river. Congo River fish evolution shaped by intense rapids: Genomic study in lower Congo reveals microscale diversification. Furthermore, 90 of the Lower Congo River’s fish species are endemic, or found nowhere else. The Congo River is the second only to the Amazon in terms of size and freshwater species diversity.

Several species belonging to the genus Hydrocynus of the family Alestidae are referred to as "tigerfish", and are particularly prized as game fish. The river, in turn, gave its name to the Republic of the Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo that sprawl to the east along its river banks. In 2007, fishermen living along the lower Congo, the deepest river on Earth, brought Melanie Stiassny a fish. Join our newsletter list Freshwater Fish Species in Zaïre (Congo) River [Central Africa] The tables below were generated from Fishbase.org - A project to provide indexing and links for all known species as the baseline dataset for studies of global biodiversity.

Winding 4,700 km/2,900 miles through West Africa, the Congo is the second longest African river, after the Nile. So far, scientists have discovered 320 fish species living in the Lower Congo River’s 350 kilometers of water. The river forms the vast majority of the border between Zaire and also the Republic of Congo and drains greater than 1, 600, 000 square miles of land.

(2017, February 17). The Congo River shaped approximately 1.5 to 2 … Flowing through the world's second largest area of rainforest, the system is also home to more than 700 species of freshwater fishes. All links below take you to pages on the fishbase.org site. Being the second largest country, the Democratic Republic of the Congo boasts of housing over 400 fish species, several of which are endemic to the country. Within this equatorial domain, the Congo and its principal tributaries form a separate ecological milieu.
Congo River is the second longest in Africa, after the River Nile and has a discharge of just 1, 500, 000 cubic feet. The Democratic Republic of the Congo’s biodiversity of fish is widely dominated by various catfish species. Mysterious blind 'ghost fish' reveals Congo to be the deepest river in the world It's so deep there could be species lurking in its depths that we've never seen before.

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