DIATONIC HARMONICA This is the most common kind of harmonica, usually a small as the blues harp.

Hold the harmonica with one hand at each end, with the numbers facing you. 1. Rhythm is the bottom line in music, as breathing is in harmonica playing. harmonica, and uses the two basic chords in various rhythmic patterns. Their construc - tion enables playing techniques known as bending and over-bending, which expand the range of available notes and create CHROMATIC HARMONICA CHROMATIC HARMONICA TECHNIQUE NOTE POSITIONS.

They are arranged in such a way that only the middle octave contains a complete eight-note scale. The most common harmonica key is C, the notes on a C harmonica are shown below. The chromatic harmonica defined- The chromatic harmonica has a button on the right side which when NOT pressed in, allows you to play a standard major scale in the key of the chromatic (typically, the key of "C"), and with the button depressed, gives you all the half-steps or notes in between.

Some of you have musical training, and you may be curious what the note range is on a 16-hole chromatic harmonica, in terms of a piano keyboard. They do not permit note bending but are great for rich chords and simple melodies. Free sheet music › Harmonica By the most likes By the most well noted By the most commented By new releases By the most downloaded By the most listened By the most listened (human) Original instrumentation first By works titles By composers By oldest additions With video first Level : hard to easy The purpose of this article is to cover one and only one topic: what the NOTE POSITIONS are on a 16-HOLE CHROMATIC HARMONICA. Now exhale or blow gently into the harmonica. The easiest way to learn harmonica tablature is to study the examples below. TECHNIQUE #4.

How to play the diatonic harmonica in the key of C: 1. Figure 8 – C Major Diatonic Scale with Standard Bending Bending Process using MRI Figure 9A and 9B shows the harmonica in the mouth, with a normal tongue block embouchure used for the production of good tone. Low notes are on the left and high notes are on the right 2. Caring for Your Harmonica.

It leads you to encounter breathing problems and helps you to overcome them. This is considered a common tongue block technique Learn to play The Sound Of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel on your harmonica, the tab is below. If you don’t already know how to play single notes and to be able to confidently jump from one single note to the next, I recommend playing with my DVDs before proceeding. A 16 hole chromatic harmonica has a range from C3 which is the C below middle C on a piano, up to a D7. permit note bending but are great for simple chords and melodies. So chugging is the foundation in my view. Make sure your lips cover the top and bottom of the harmonica so no air can escape. Notes and Rhythms. After you play, tap the holes gently against the palm of your hand to remove excess moisture. the harmonica, sounds the chord, and then slaps down to leave one note sounding (similar to saying “Hal”). 20 notes of the diatonic harmonica cover a range of three octaves. NOTE POSITIONS. Preferred genres: folk songs, evergreens, Celtic folk music OCTAVE HARMONICA Octave harmonicas get their voluminous, full-bodied sound through two reeds per tone tuned exactly one octave apart. Song facts: “The Sound Of Silence” is Simon and Garfunkel’s second biggest hit after “Bridge Over Troubled Water”.The single was released by their record company’s producer without them knowing, because the duo had split at the time. In the diagram blow means the note when blowing into a hole, draw means the note when breathing in.

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