The villagers may send their recommendations for a jōnin appointment. 364. Hinata didn’t want to be a Shinobi she didn’t have a choice because her father disowned her and kureinai took her under her wing. "Team 8 is Sakura Haruno, Shino aburame, and Kiba Inuzuka your sensei is Kurenai Yuhi. By: Tachaun. Can you say her improvement is not worthy because she has not shown any new moves. The Kage reads said recommendations and may consider appointing an individual a jōnin if his or her qualities are recognised as adequate by enough people and himself.. and. "Team 7 is Naruto Uzumaki, Hinata Hyuuga" said Iruka earning cheers from Naruto and a major blush from Hinata. No, kishimoto is to blame for not writting so much about his sub characters. Look at Hinata she has only shown us her Byakugan I think in both part one and two as well as gentle fist style. Why Sakura is better than Hinata . Yet she is now a chuunin. Everything seems to be thrown his way, he must make a future with Hinata but a little girl may open up the young couple's heart for love even more. I'm sure there is a reason she is a chuunin just like every other Rookie 9 character … Naruto finally made jonin and have his own squad. Shikamaru forfeited the match, but that was seen as a plus since Shikamaru knew his limits and knew when he was out of chakra. List of Naruto characters Jump to navigation Jump to search. No point fighting a loss battle. The major ... (日向 ヒナタ, Hyūga Hinata) is a member of Team 8 who suffers from a lack of self-confidence. And I've seen that Hinata is more popular in most polls. 1.First of all we all know that Sakura is shown as brilliant when it came to academics. I know a lot of people have issues with sakura and she gets a lot of hate. Like Chunin, Jonin are allowed to lead their own shinobi squad as well. Which is the whole reason her father chose to disown her because to him softness is a weakness. Follow/Fav Naruto and Hinata's Jonin Journey. All the Jonin possess a great deal of strength which puts them far above the likes of other normal ninjas, such as the Genin, Chunin, or the Tokubetsu Jonin. "And Sasuke Uchiha your Jonin sensei is Kakashi Hatake" finished Iruka before going on to team eight. 422. And although the fight you’re referring to isn’t cannon it’s not that Hinata wanted Hanabi to be leader of the Hyūga clan but rather than Hinata was too soft to hurt her beloved sister. The Forsaken One 04/20/17 .

rewrite Jonin adventure. So here is why I think Sakura is better than Hinata. Hinata is stronger as seen in the family day novel Hinata bests Jonin Hanabi one on one and quite easily to boot. First of all, it's not exactly known how a Chunin becomes Jonin.. From Jonin article on Naruto wiki:. Becoming a Chuunin is based on leadership qualities and tact. Jonin is the highest ninja rank in a village following the Kage and is possessed by only a handful of capable individuals.

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