That in itself answered a lot I was wondering. Alice Otherlands - A night at the Opera [Sub Español] - Duration: 7:54. If is animation, is episodes or just movie/s? In the second short of Alice: Otherlands titled A Night at the Opera, she enters the mind of Richard Wagner, giving life to his opera. When will be released? Alice: Otherlands (2015) R eview by Richard Eisenbeis  American McGee’s Alice is easily one of my favorite twisted re-imaginings of classic literature, so when I saw there was a Kickstarter for Alice short films, I pitched in without a second thought. To read them, please follow THIS LINK. But the book has pictures to detail things. - Source. It's the whimsey of Wonderland but the madness of it all seemed to be all but gone now after the second game's events. I'll admit my opinion of Alice hasn't changed much, as in "wow, she uses a lot of really big words doesn't she." But I do enjoy how full of imagination the Otherlands videos are. The promotional movie files that were given out for free following American McGee's 2015 Kickstarter for two pitch animated films.

7:54. I had no idea Leviathan was going for a 2D look! Alice: Otherlands features two episodes: Leviathan (Into the mind of Jules Verne) and A Night At The Opera (Into the mind of Richard Wagner) with a runtime of 8 minutes each. In Night at the Opera, she’s stumbled in on Wagner’s thought process of a new opera. #5. Thanks a lot. "A Night at the Opera" is the second and final short in Alice: Otherlands. Giuly HDR 7,989 views. The designer will begin work on preliminary artwork soon. Jan 9th, 2014 – 20,000 Leagues into Otherlands Dec 16th, 2013 – Get Those Walls Ready! ... alice in otherlands Alice Madness Returns Alice In Wonderland. #3. Some questions: #1. After 20 days and much nail-biting, the Alice: Otherlands campaign has reached a successful conclusion. If you have additional questions not covered by this post, please send them to me via Kickstarter. #2. American McGee has said nothing? It delves into the mind of Richard Wagner. What happen in this project, cancelled?

Coming in at over 222kUSD, the funding will allow us to create a series of animated short films, pursue larger animated series possibilities, begin development work on a feature film and access larger funding options for a possible feature film production in the future. Nov 15th, 2013 – A Night at the Opera.

Reblog. There are additional posts, going back further in 2013. Language: English Location: United States Restricted Mode: Off History Help At the end of the second game we see Alice emerge onto the streets of London filled with a power that transcends the physical and psychological - she's now master of both domains." Alice Otherlands Is A Rocky Experiment In Filmmaking ... A Night at the Opera, follows Alice as she is working backstage at an opera house — lamenting that she has yet to see an opera. Hello. #6. I just finnish AMA & AMR and I want MORE!!! :) American McGee has revealed that a third Alice game could be developed if publisher Electronic Arts is on board with his new ideas. How much is that "early"? Is really animation or there's a chance in the drawer that says it will be game? 19 notes. Wikia says "Early 2015". #4.

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