Almond is the new dairy — but it depends on an animal much smaller than a cow. Almonds are … Almond Milk Industry Is Killing Billions of 'Exploited' Honey Bees: Report Sending bees to pollinate almond crops is "like sending the bees to war," one scientist said A new study suggests common fungicides might kill pollinators There are 2 million bee hives in the US and it take 1.5 million for pollination of Almonds , then they go to the woods in Georgia to detox, then to pollinate apples and on to do several more crops, explained in the videos below.

What do almonds and bees have in common? A new investigation from The Guardian shows that heavy pesticide use in almond groves is causing massive die-offs among bee colonies.The World's Almond Milk Craze Is Killing Bees at a …

But commercial beekeepers in California — where 80% of the world’s almond supply is produced according to the the Almond Board of California’s Almond Almanac — see the almond industry as vital to keeping their businesses alive.. And it may have negative effects for bees. Beehives stand stacked along a blooming almond orchard near Shafter, California. But consumers can make a statement by spending their hard-earned dollars in products that are “Bee Better” certified. In the meantime, cow’s milk may do the human body good, but almond milk is sure wreaking havoc on a bee’s body. Our Love of Almond Milk is Killing the Bees. I had only recently started using almond when a friend pointed out to me the devastating impacts of the almond milk industry. A The Guardian report equated the current situation to be 'like sending bees to war.' Still, even the most bee-friendly almond groves have a heavy environmental footprint. During pollination season over 50% of the bee population of the US is moved on trucks to pollinate the almond trees. As bee populations decline, honey producers have taken to intensive factory farming of the tiny pollinators. A recent survey of commercial beekeepers showed that over 50 billion bees were killed during the winter 2018-19. Almond farming in California is supplying 80% of the global almond supply and using 10% of the water supply in California. The almond milk craze could be bad news for bees. The nonprofit “Bee Better,” for instance, partners with almond growers to increase biodiversity for bees in their groves by planting wildflowers, mustard, and clover between the rows of almond trees. While making the documentary film Vanishing of the Bees, my co-director and I drove to California’s Central Valley for four years to film the world’s greatest almond bloom — a monoculture of 870,000 acres, solely dependent on honeybees for pollination. On Dec. 8, The Guardian published a new report linking almond milk farming to mass bee die-offs, likening the practice of bringing bee colonies to pollinate almond farms to "sending bees to war."

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