Itachi attempts to use Amaterasu on Naruto This technique can only be used by Uchiha Shisui or those who know how to possess the Uchiha Shisui’s Mangekyou Sharingan. Itachi attempts to use Amaterasu on Naruto but the crow locks the eyes with Itachi causing him to stop. Itachi jumps on to Nagato's bird and activates his Mangekyō Sharingan. Itachi and B fight each other. Kotoamatsukami is a very powerful genjutsu granted to few users of the Mangekyō Sharingan. Kotoamatsukami is a dōjutsu that casts a powerful mind-controlling genjutsu on the target and is the ultimate genjutsu which originates from Shisui Uchiha's Mangekyō Sharingan. "Kotoamatsukami" ("別天神", "Kotoamatsukami") is chapter 550 of the original Naruto manga. Itachi's crow flies out of Naruto's mouth. Kotoamatsukami This technique infiltrates the minds of others and has the ability to control them in such a way that even the victim is unable to recognize that they are being manipulated. Kotoamatsukami is a powerful but subtle mind-controlling genjutsu that belonged to the Mangekyou Sharingan of Uchiha Shisui.The Sharingan’s eye of hypnosis holds the power to dominate the will of its target with that of the caster’s at its highest level, suppressing the victim’s consciousness to force them to do whatever the caster … Tsukuyomi, Izanagi, Izanami, Kotoamatsukami or Larcade's Mind Break powers?

Can Sasuke use Kotoamatsukami? If he can't, Shishui one shots If he can't, Shishui one shots Although going by how Shishui got stomped by Danzo I doubt he can beat Itachi.

With his Mangekyou, he was second only to Sasuke and Jinchuriki for genjutsu resistance but Kotoamatsukami worked on him instantly with no margin for error.

It allows the user to enter their opponent's mind and manipulate them by giving them false experiences, making it seem as if they were doing things of their own free … A crow emerges from Naruto's mouth. Itachi then uses Amaterasu on Nagato's dog summon and then turns to use it on Nagato himself and the bird summon. 4 Weakest: Shisui Uchiha Shisui was one of the very few Uchihas to … Of course, Hitachi, didn’t market it as a vibrator, but rather, a personal massager.

Yes he is. Perhaps the reason why Sasuke couldn’t use it was because Itachi was getting blind from overusing his eyes throughout his life.

It is regarded as a genjutsu of the highest … Who's the strongest ability? [2] As a testament to its power it was strong enough to negate Kabuto Yakushi's control over a reincarnated Itachi … The Hitachi Magic Wand, which was first trademarked in 1968, wears the crown of the most iconic sex toy. Raventhal ... Kotoamatsukami seemed like something he'd use in battle or on someone he made to make absolutely sure agreed with him for whatever the reason. The technique itself allows the user to enter the opponent's mind and manipulate them by giving them false experiences and memories, making it seem as if they were doing things of their own free will. Discussion in 'New Leaf' started by Skilatry, Jun 6, 2017. Ao noted that Uchiha Itachi was the only person who maybe use his genjutsu to control other individual outside the range of the even Sensor Division 1 – Shisui Uchiha ( Kotoamatsukami ) Shisui Uchiha technique allows the user to enter the mind of any individual with in their field of view, and manipulate them by the giving …

Obviously, Kishimoto made a way just so Itachi- well, not just Itachi, but Danzo too- to NOT use it in any fight AGAINST an enemy. nt's mind and manipulate them by giving them false experiences, making it seem as if they were doing things of their own free will. Itachi Uchiha could also use the Susanoo to quite a decent extent and his Avatar wielded the power of the Totsuka Blade and the Yata Mirror, making him invincible. •First Itachi can use it via eye contact or with only a finger, while Aizen has to release the Shikai. But this is highly unlikely. Summary . Itachi is a good example as he was ironically subjected to his own pre set Kotoamatsukami.

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