Dogs that suffer from impacted anal sacs will also benefit from more fiber. It what we call it in ireland ... Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Carbohydrates are the only macronutrient your brain can run on. It is already cooked to some extent in the making process so could be fed as it … Similar to berries, dogs can also benefit from the nutrients of bananas. Blood sausage appeared for the first time in the “De re coquinaria” from Apicius, a Roman recipe book in Latin dating from the end of IV Century. Traditionally, the blood sausage was prepared … Only feed your dog foods that you are absolutely sure are safe. True currants (including black, red, and white currants) belong to a different group of plants (genus Ribes ) and are not considered toxic to dogs, though stomach upset could occur if a large amount is ingested. A lot of dogs love to eat frozen berries as a special sweet treat. Just curious. Bear in mind that this nutritional information is per 100 grams of black pudding and that’s about 4 thin slices – not a lot at all. Mine all love black pudding, the smell of it makes them go crazy. Yes you are! i've been buying it for years but only just noticed it has cooking instructions. Join. These include chocolate, onions, raw eggs and meats, liver, bones, pork, milk and mushrooms. Now that you know which foods you can and can’t feed your dog, you can make smart decisions on your dog’s behalf. Of course, a lot of this on it’s own doesn’t mean a huge amount to most people and that’s ok – it’s just that more education is needed.

Yes, dogs can eat bananas in small quantities. My wife read the article, not thinking much about it. I do a fry up every Sunday and always do Black Pudding with it. Thanks I would think black pudding it is ok to feed but it does contain a quantity of salt so I would use it sparingly. Ask a vet! You need to have a good stomach to eat that. If you can't make it to Scotland, here is an authentic (but untested) recipe for Scottish black pudding -- assuming you can get the ingredients. Grapes and their dried products like currants, sultanas and raisins are toxic to dogs, and ingestion of even a small quantity can … Yes, if they like it. I get "Bury" Black Pudding from my local butcher.

I do a little extra as a treat for my dogs. They don't get it often but I can't see how it would not be ok for dogs to eat. 1 quart bullock's or sheep's blood 8 oz. do you have to cook black pudding before its safe to eat? Update: It not choclate, it sort of a meat from a pig, i dunno what it might be called in different countrys! But most people prefer theirs hot. My wife immediately remembered that grapes were one of the most poisonous foods for dogs. Can huskies eat black or white pudding? The Labrador Site Founder Pippa Mattinson is the best selling author of The Happy Puppy Handbook, the Labrador Handbook, Choosing The Perfect Puppy, and Total Recall. Think its … Bananas provide a good source of vitamins and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, and dietary fiber. Black pudding is made from dried pigs blood into sausage form. Chocolate (deadly) If your dog has a … Bananas. If you aren’t sure whether a food is safe, don’t take the risk! Can dogs eat Christmas pudding and mince pies? Asked in English Spelling and Pronunciation, Pudding Dogs can safely eat a small amount of these fruits and they can benefit from berries’ anti-oxidant properties just like humans.

6. But, can dogs have bananas as a substitute for a balanced diet? Years ago, shortly after we adopted our dog Splash, my wife’s grandmother randomly sent us an article about foods that are poisonous to dogs. Dangerous Foods. Berries.

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