Sturgeon Fishing BC.Fishing Adventures along the middle Fraser River of British Columbia. Salmon Fishing The Columbia River … Sturgeon Fishing in Columbia River Many will tell you that Sturgeon fishing in the Columbia River is the best in the world, and it’s hard to disagree.

Salmon Fishing On The Columbia River In Oregon And Washington. Hening right now with columbia river salmon sturgeon steelhead fishing illegal fishing on columbia river seasons for columbia river spring chinook. Shad Are In Masse, Sturgeon Season Remains on Hold. 2020 Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing. Since 1996. On the Columbia River, sturgeon were quickly overfished before the beginning of the 20th century. Sturgeon fishing has grown in popularity in recent years due in part to diminishing opportunities to fish for non-tidal salmon on the Fraser River (because of low returns); substantial growth in British Columbia’s tourism sector; and a healthy sturgeon population in the lower and middle reaches of the river. The Columbia River is famous as one of the best sturgeon fisheries in the world, but these prehistoric monsters have a long breeding cycle and stocks of these fish are susceptable to collapse. With an estimated one million White Sturgeon swimming in these waters, there’s ample opportunity to fish for this prehistoric species year-round. Salmon Fishing On The Columbia River In Oregon And Washington . With “spring” Chinook still pouring over Bonneville Dam (but closed), summer steelhead on their way, as well as a robust return of sockeye, and shad inundating the river, you have options. 2020 Fraser River Sturgeon Forecast Location: Fraser River from Chilliwack downstream to Mission-Maple Ridge Timing: Year round Species: White Sturgeon. Cody meets up with a representative of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to learn about the need to manange the stocks of these fish, and what sportsmen and women can do to help protect them. STURGEON FISHING BC IS OPEN FOR THE 2020 FISHING SEASON JUNE 1ST. Update Columbia River sturgeon spawning sanctuaries to include an expansion in time for all sanctuaries upstream of Bonneville to remain closed through Aug. 31, and to include an expansion in area for the sanctuary in John Day Reservoir (below McNary Dam) and in the Hanford Reach (below Priest Rapids Dam). Mang Iings on June 2, 2020 June 2, 2020. Expect the 2020 Sturgeon Fishing season to be Solid as ever if not better! Now in our 13th year of operation, reeling in Monster Size Sturgeon from our Wilderness Riverside Eco Resort, far away from the crowds and high angler pressure of the Lower Fraser River.We Guarantee Fish on All Trips! Salmon Fishing Season On The Columbia River. It’s getting to be that time again, where the Columbia River is getting interesting again.

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