Condoned Fails In order to be eligible for the award of Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice in Higher Education or Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Education a participant should achieve an overall weighted average mark of 50 or more and no mark below 40.

pass (i.e. Condoned Fails The Assessment Sub-Board can decide to condone (grant credit for award, with a mark below the pass mark) a failed module, from the departments of Physics, Mathematics or Informatics at King's, if it has marks in the range 33-39 for level 4, 1-39 for levels 5 and 6 and 1-49 for level 7. A condonable fail is where a student has failed a module but has attained a mark within the condonable range. A condoned fail is where a student has failed a module but has attained a mark within a condonable range. This means the mark achieved is retained, but credit is awarded. For level 7, where permitted, a condoned fail is a mark between 40 and 49 inclusive. A module result may be condoned at the discretion of the University Assessment Board where the failure is only by a small margin. If CD appears next to a mark in the Confirmed Grade column in your Statement of Results this signifies that the mark has been condoned by the University Assessment Board. For non-finalists, condonement will be applied only once the student has exhausted any reassessment opportunities. obtain at least 40%) all modules of the course (you are allowed to carry a condoned fail* in 1 module as long as it is not one of English for Academic Purposes, English for Scientific Academic Purposes or Academic Expression & Critical Thinking) * a condoned fail is currently 33 - 39%. For levels 4, 5 and 6, where permitted, a condoned fail is a mark between 33 and 39 inclusive.

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