They stay young at heart and active all through their long lives.

Color(s) The Cornish Rex comes in a variety of colors including bicolor and tortoise.

A Solid Seal Point. The Cornish Rex is agile and loves to jump, run, and play.

Report. Jack Garcia, Jack’s Mousery, KY, e-mail Q Let me preface my email by saying I know very little about rats, but I thought you’re the best person to ask. A Solid Red.

Cornish Rex kittens for sale colour white with blue eyes pedigree but not registered..mum cinnamon, dad white. The Cornish Rex is a small to medium in size with an egg-shaped head, long legs, and large ears.

By Karen Robbins. Texture: Fine, soft hair should have distinct ridges giving it a wavelike appearance. new breeds and colors. Cornish Rex were first recognized in a barn in Cornwall England and imported to the United States in 1960.

Copyright © 2015, 2016 Thanks to the close lying nature of the coat, you can easily tell if a Cornish is getting too heavy. A Black & White with a Chocolate & White sibling.

30+ days ago. These outcrosses increased and strengthened the breed’s tiny gene pool and brought in additional colors and patterns. Once you are owned by a Cornish Rex you will want more!! Sex: Male Breed: Cornish Rex Color: Seal color point bicolour. Eyes bright and clear. When she is playing, she can appear to be inexhaustible. Their coat feels like crushed velvet to the touch. Abdomen tight. There is a natural arch to the back which matches a tuck-up to their waist which flows into a long tail.

Coat Color And Grooming With his crushed velvet coat, racy, slender body, and curly whiskers, the Cornish Rex is a dandy of a cat. color prefix chart.

If your Cornish REx has an outdoor enclosure that allows for sunbathing, be sure to apply cat-safe sunscreen to his body to prevent sunburn. Kittens for sale! Colors & Coats. The cat breed comes in different colors, such as black, blue, cream, chocolate, lilac, red, and tortoise shell.

Abdomen tight. Many Cornish Rex cats are reported to live in their late teens, with some even surpassing the age of 20. The Cornish Rex benefits from crossbreeding between a number of different cats, including Siamese, Burmese, British Shorthair, American Shorthair, and Havana Brown breeds. Most Cornish Rex like to play fetch and chase with other pets and with people. Above is a SOLID WHITE. People with allergies may also prefer the Cornish Rex as it sheds less than other cats.

Cornish Rex Coat Colors Coming soon! As a result, these cats aren’t prone to any specific health problems and often live a long, healthy life. ARKASHA KING ANSA . The Cornish Rex was first exported to the United States in 1957. Most commonly seen patterns include Tabby, Tortoiseshell, Bi … The soft and curly coat of the Cornish Rex lies close to the body and comes in a variety of colors and patterns. OTHER: Condition: Hard and muscular with no indication of obesity or emaciation. A Solid Blue Point above. They are affectionate, people-oriented, and active cats whose kitten-like antics last a lifetime. Coat.

Texture: Fine, soft hair should have distinct ridges giving it a wavelike appearance.

The Cornish Rex is a highly intelligent, affectionate and extroverted breed, notwithstanding its somewhat aloof and sophisticated appearance. The Cornish Rex is a study in curves, with curly coat, curved profile, large expressive ears, and Whippetlike arched bodies. Despite their dainty looks, these cats are muscular and strong. 9.1/2 weeks old ready to leave in one week.... . YASHA TSAR JACONDA. They come in all colors including points. Color: Recognized in all colors.

When she is playing, she can appear to be inexhaustible. People with allergies may also prefer the Cornish Rex as it sheds less than other cats. A Deep Dark Tortie. More info Go to the site. The Cornish Rex is an athletic cat and will maintain her ideal weight if provided with enough space for exercise. Like velvet pile on head and legs. Cornish Rex Cat Coat Colors.

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