100% Upvoted. Surtur creates a blazing fireball and travels to the North Pole to melt the icecaps.

Surtur vs Dormammu (self.whowouldwin) submitted 3 years ago by Intergalactic_Debris. Continue this thread level 2 4 months ago. Round 3: In a neutral realm .

Then they fought, and Doctor Strange even said; "The very substance of Eternity is being disintegrated by Dormammu's attack!" * *Evidently this is based on implied power levels and your own opinions, as the full extent of the MCU versions' powers were never shown. Skagg is saved from sinking into the ocean by Surtur hardening the ground, but is defeated by Odin, who is weakened by the feat.

I’m not sure how or why everyone writes off Thanos without the IG so easily. share . 1 year ago. Say it's on an imaginary planet tha's even more durable than Asgard that won't be destroyed by the battle. level 1.

Dormammu Vs King Thanos Death Battle Explained In Hindi 2. Surtur sends Thor into the ocean using a fireball.

Surtur (MCU) vs Dormammu (MCU) Casual. We know Dormammu is unbeatable in his own realm, but remember Surtur destroyed an entire planet with a few swings of his sword. Classification: Lord of Muspelheim, King of the Fire Giants, Demon, Enemy of Odin Powers and Abilities: Superhuman … Superhero battle match: Surtur versus Dormammu.

Who will win in a fight between Surtur and Dormammu?

Balrog (LOTR) vs. Surtur (MCU) [Size equalized] Casual.

If Surtur gets stomped in any of these, he gets his Twilight sword. Balrog (LOTR) vs. Surtur (MCU) [Size equalized] Casual. R1: Movie versions only. 18 comments. Archived. Close. Powers and Stats. 1) Classic comic book versions. Posted by . King Thanos Vs Dormammu Death Battle Explained In Hindi 3. Surtur vs Dormammu # Dormammu Dormammu was able to seal away Eternity, and it took Eternity a lot of time and effort to escape. Fight takes place on a neutral indestructible planet, fighters begin 500m apart.

First let us understand what these beings are in layperson terminology.

Dormammu himself was portrayed to be above Surtur with the Twilight Sword during Magik's series. Dormammu controls an entire universe and Surtur is literally a force of nature since he is the destroyer of asgard so they are probably more powerful too. TopMovieClips 9,701,295 views

Iron Man vs Loki - "We have a Hulk" - Suit Up Scene | The Avengers (2012) Movie Clip HD - Duration: 3:27. This thread is archived. * Comic Book Thanos is one of the most powerful, non-celestial beings in the entire Marvel universe.

save hide report. Thor vs The Destroyer - Fight Scene - Thor Gets His Power Back - Movie CLIP HD - Duration: 3:58.

Round 1: In Surtur's realm. For this fight the Balrog is scaled up to the size of Surtur are the end of Ragnarok. 106. Summary. Pretty decisively Dormammu. Then again though it really could go either way, Surtur is a ridiculously powerful demon too, were this not at full power Surtur would win but Dormammu at full power has been said to be unbelievable.

Round 2: In Dormammu's realm. 2) What do you think happens if a fully-powered MCU Surtur (as seen at the end of Thor: Ragnarok) enters the MCU Dark Dimension and attacks MCU Dormammu? TopMovieClips 23,846,798 views Tier: 2-C | 2-C. Name: Surtur Origin: Marvel Comics Age: Billions of years (created the moon) Gender: Male. A fiery demon from the extra-dimensional realm of Muspelheim, Surtur is the sworn enemy of the Asgardian Skyfather Odin and his son Thor. Iirc, he can't even really die in his dimension.

R2: Book/Lore & 616 versions.

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