These nurses are members of a critical care team that treats extremely compromised patients in an unstable environment.

A Career as a MedEvac flight nurse Introduction . Environmental Conditions. CHARACTERISTIC DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES • Autonomously evaluate critically ill or injured patients of all age groups (neonatal through adult), and formulate an appropriate and reasonable management plan. 3. Apply to Nurse, Operations Associate and more! Registered nurses who are looking for a unique and exciting environment may find a passion for becoming a flight nurse.
As a flight nurse, you will have to monitor and record the patient’s condition and response to the treatment. The Flight Nurse Rescuer will also be required to pass this same assessment if returning from a leave of absence lasting longer than two weeks (at the discretion of the Director in charge of the REACH Public Aircraft Operation Division). A flight nurse’s first responsibility, however, lies with her patient. Flight nurses have a number of duties and responsibilities.

Your nurse is experienced in administering short-term emergency treatments, as well as dealing with long-term chronic conditions. Provide appropriate critical intervention, … The flight nurse program is structured around the Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (ACNP) certification with the addition of flight-specific training, including an annual Flight Nursing Summer Camp.

The flight nurse will have to perform all the pilot assistance duties which include assisting with liftoff checklist, dispatching flights and navigation. From unexpected emergencies while on vacation or working abroad, to helping those manage their condition whilst traveling ; our nurses can help you. Record Patient Vitals. SUMMARY: Responsibilities of the Flight Nurse include evaluation, coordination, and delivery of medical care provided to patients during all phases of transport. A flight nurse is a highly trained healthcare professional who delivers pre-hospital patient care aboard an aircraft. Flight Nurses. As part of a team that usually includes flight medics, physicians, and other medical providers, flight nurses board helicopters, rescue flights and more to give medical attention to injured or ill patients in emergency situations. A flight nurse, sometimes referred to as a transport nurse, is an RN who is specially trained to provide medical care to patients during aircraft transportation. Sometimes called an aircraft, helicopter, or transport nurse, flight nurses have many of the same responsibilities as registered nurses, but take it to a new level as they deal with offbeat and interesting patients from the air.
They are sometimes required to assist pilots with navigation and other flight duties, such as communicating via radio, for instance.

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