A falling body is accelerated at 9.8 m/sec2 due to Magnesium is a light metal -- having a specific gravity of 1.74 at 20 degrees C. Stuff moving more slowly relative to Earth can be captured by the planet's gravity and survive the plunge. 100 examples: The gravities vary owing, it may be, to variations of temperature, and so… 14. grim - grill - grief - greed - grease - graze Example sentences with the gravity, a sentence example for gravity, and how to make gravity in sample sentence, how do I use the word gravityin a sentence? use "gravity" in a sentence. 3. Examples of gravity in a sentence, how to use it.

Home > Antigravity in a sentence. Gravity is the force that pulls all elements of matter together. Gravitation is sometimes used interchangeably with gravity. specific gravity in a sentence - Use "specific gravity" in a sentence 1. The specific gravity of the liquid ingredients increases from top to bottom. Random good picture Not show (1) Two antiparticles could therefore be drawn together by antigravity, but a particle of matter would be … Antigravity in a sentence up(4) down(2) Sentence count:20Posted:2017-10-15Updated:2017-10-15. 517 more results not shown. NekoKanjya 1582751 It's gravity that makes satellites move around the Earth. Examples of specific gravity in a sentence, how to use it. But, knowing gravity like a lover, he tore off, leaving the last bullet of his foe to land squarely on the knot of a half-twisted bow tie. gravity model: A model of the flows of bilateral trade based on analogy with the law of gravity in physics: Tij = AYiYj /Dij , where Tij is exports from country i to country j, Yi,Yj are their national incomes, Dij is the distance between them, and A is a constant. — Quoted in Louis Untermeyer 'Five Famous Poetesses', in Ladies' Home Journal, May1964. Examples of gravity in a sentence, how to use it. 100 examples: The gravities vary owing, it may be, to variations of temperature, and so… Gravity is an uncountable noun. This means that the Earth or other planets have a great deal of pull and that everything on Earth is pulled back to Earth. Example sentences with the word gravitation. The expression of his face changed gradually from indignant contempt to a composed and steady gravity .

How to use gravity in a sentence. Common distinguishing characteristics include crystal structure and fracture, parting, and specific gravity. gravitation example sentences. Gravity helps us to keep our feet on the ground.

eastasiastudent 248250 We learned that Newton discovered the law of gravitation .

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