There is a myhth among people that Hindu create God .

In India where light skin is coveted, a new campaign is re-imagining popular Hindu gods and goddesses with a darker skin, writes the BBC's Geeta Pandey in Delhi. Hinduism is the world’s oldest religion, according to many scholars, with roots and customs dating back more than 4,000 years. While the original book had its chapters divided by what the chapter was about, like "Policeman's Day," the series is divided into eight episodes which all have contextual names from Hindu mythology. The Sanskrit term Āstika ("pious, orthodox") refers to the systems of thought which admit the validity of the Vedas. See also. I wouldn't be surprised if Hindu and Mayan are on the back burner because of lacking interest. Sanskrit asti means "there is", and Āstika (per Pāṇini 4.2.60) derives from the verb, meaning "one who says 'asti'".Technically, in Hindu philosophy the term Āstika refers only to acceptance of authority of Vedas, not belief in the existence of God.

Chakras, their colors and position on the body.

A Glossary of Sanskrit Words Beginning With S. Learn About Dharma, Which Is the Path of Righteousness in Hinduism. The 10 Most Important Hindu Gods. Why Hindus Believe Akshaya Tritiya Is a Day for Success. Hinduism recognizes up to 333 million gods, but many Hindus believe this vast number represents the infinite forms of god—god is in everyone, god is in everything.

By the Hindu calendar, our present time is the Kali Yuga, which began in the year corresponding to the Gregorian year 3102 BCE, when the Kurukshetra war is thought to have ended. Warning: Spoilers ahead. Kalki : Kalki, is the prophesied tenth avatar of Hindu god Vishnu who will take birth to end the Kalyuga, one of the four and the last era in the endless cycle of existence in Sanatan Dharma/Religion, and start a new cycle with Satya Yuga. Many people think of Hinduism as being a caste system, they think that we consider the cow to be a deity, They think that we believe God to be stone, they think that we, by worshipping a pantheon of gods, are denying the existence of one God.

Last God appear on land of India is Shri Krishna about 5000 years ago . Ritual: Since Vishnu often wore yellow, devotees often wear yellow, offer yellow flowers, and eat foods that contain yellow.

How the Caste System Works in the Hindu Tradition. Kanglei mythology; Greek mythology Therefore, the year labeled 2017 CE by the Gregorian calendar is known as the year 5119 in the Hindu calendar. God: Lord Vishnu is often worshiped, but so is Lord Brihaspati, the Guru of the gods.

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