The wind blew hard. The sky was a brilliant blue. Enter the word you want to find homophones for: We found 2 homophones for blew. Homophone # 71 blew blue . Can you ____ The bell? What Is The Homophone For Blew?
The wind (blew / blue) the tent over. blew, blue. The homophone for blew is blue. For example, blue and blew are homophones. The words blew, blue sound the same but have different meanings and spellings. I need to brush my (hair / hare). hear here 4. We’ve included as many different homophones as we could find, but also have some guidelines you can read that explain how these words made it on to our list, as well as the reasons why some were left off.. Homophones are the most confusing words in the English language.

Asked in Homographs Homonyms and Homophones What is the homophone for homophone ?

Choose chews 3. I (won / one) the tennis match.

A homophone is a word that sounds the same as another word, but has a different spelling and meaning.

Our homophone & homonym finder will find a homonym for any word that has one.


Homophone definition: In English, a homophone is a word that is pronounced exactly or nearly the same as another word but differs in meaning and is spelled differently. Words that sound the same as Blew . Do you ____ how to multiply 2 numbers.

My dog hurt his (paws / pause).
blue blew 2. 1 2 3. Lear . We need to chop some (wood / would).

A homophone is a word that is pronounced the same same way as another word but has a different definition. Why do blew, blue sound the same even though they are completely different words? Words That Rhyme With BLEW. Then think of a new sentence using the alternative homophone. Here’s a complete A-Z list that contains thousands of different homophones. The wind blue hard. 1. There is no homophone for the word "harsh". If you think we’ve missed some words out of our homophones list, we’d love to hear from you! Blew, blown, or blowed As a verb, to blow means, in its most common definition, is for air to move either by nature (e.g., the wind or a breeze) or for a person to push air out of his or her mouth.

My mom will (sew / so) me a dress. Asked in Homographs Homonyms … Homophones Image courtesy of Tina O’Neal A homophone is defined as one of two or more words that have the same sound and often the same spelling but differ … My dog ____ His food carefully. What is the homophone for harsh? Lear . know no 5. Last week I (road /rode) a horse for the first time. The answer is simple: blew, blue are homophones of the English language. The past tense of the word blow is blew, a homophone for the word blue. The sky was a brilliant blew. Our homophone & homonym finder will find a homonym for any word that has one. Homophone Finder. Homophone practice sheet Write out the sentences in your books, filling in the gaps.

The sky is a beautiful ____ Colour. bleu.

Make sure you check out our complete homophones list. Homophone Finder. blue. Circle the correct homophone.

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