Darwin Island is the remains of an extinct volcano that reaches 165 metres (541 ft) above sea level.It is situated northwest of the main Galápagos Island group on the Wolf-Darwin Lineament, which extends from the Galápagos Platform to the Galápagos Spreading Center, a mid-ocean ridge separating the Nazca and Cocos tectonic plates. In 1994 we dove Darwin’s Arch repeatedly over a four-day stretch and had encounters with whale sharks on every single dive. The principal language on the islands is Spanish. Geology. The Galápagos Islands were formed as a result of several of Earth's internal processes. The crust melts and forces its way back up to the surface to form volcanoes that, in turn, allow the flow of magma to erupt.

Darwin Island is the northernmost of the Galapagos Islands and is home to enormous numbers of seabirds. It is named in honor of English scientist Charles Darwin .

The layout of the islands reflects the speed and direction of the tectonic plate movement. Darwin Island, with the Arch on the right.

Nearby, the ocean throws itself against Isla Beagle, one of a hundred-plus rocks, pinnacles, and islands that form the Galápagos archipelago, a province of Ecuador that straddles the Equator. Opuntia trees and Sesuvium cover in South Plaza, Galapagos Islands / Don Heffernan, Flickr / CC BY 2.0. miles) of land. Image ID: 16622 Location: Darwin Island, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. Galápagos Hotspot.

The Galapagos Islands were formed by what Geologists call a “hot spot”, a place in Earth where the magma is hotter than its regular temperature. Place. The Galápagos Islands archipelago is home to a complex ecosystem that inspired renowned naturalist Charles Darwin to formulate his theory of evolution. Don’t miss Delicate Arch, Double Arch and Landscape Arch. Canyonlands National Park – it’s right next to Arches, so you don’t have any excuse not to stop by and check out Mesa Arch. Destructive waves erode along the line of weakness, e.g. Arches National Park – this is the obvious one, since it’s the largest concentration of arches in the state (2,000 of them, in fact).

The Galápagos Islands (official name: Archipiélago de Colón, other Spanish name: Las Islas Galápagos, Spanish pronunciation: [las ˈislas ɣaˈlapaɣos], local pronunciation: [laz ˈihlah ɣaˈlapaɣoh]), part of the Republic of Ecuador, are an archipelago of volcanic islands distributed on either side of the equator in the Pacific Ocean surrounding the centre of the Western Hemisphere. A geologist could go on for hours describing the nuances of the process. This process formed a chain of islands that is home to some of the most exotic flora and fauna found in the world. The Galápagos lie at the meeting point of two submarine ridges: the Carnegie Ridge, running west from South America; and the Cocos Ridge, extending south from Central America.

The Galapagos hot spot is located in the north-western part of the archipelago.

The Galápagos' stationary hot spot formed a chain of volcanoes as the Nazca crustal plate moved east-southeast above the hot spot like a conveyor belt. This is what happened in Galapagos (and in Hawaii and some other places on the globe).
How are Arches Formed?

Weaknesses in cliffs are gradually widened by coastal eroison, until over time they form caves. Natural arches commonly form where inland cliffs, coastal cliffs, fins or stacks are subject to erosion from the sea, rivers or weathering (subaerial processes)..

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