Her family demanded that Jacques convert to Roman Catholicism.
Offenbach’s tour of England was a rousing professional and financial success. Offenbach was the son of a musician, author, and bookbinder who also served as cantor at a local synagogue.

Jacques Offenbach was born in Cologne Germany on June 20, 1819. He returned to Paris full of confidence and in anticipation of his marriage to Hérminie, but there was a further obstacle. Robinson Crusoé is an opéra comique with music by Jacques Offenbach and words by Eugène Cormon and Hector-Jonathan Crémieux.It premiered in Paris on 23 November 1867. His father changed their family name to Offenbach after marrying and taking a job as a cantor in Cologne, Germany. So strong were his musical talents that the Paris Conservatory waived the rule forbidding foreigners and enrolled him. Jacques' original name was Jakob Eberst.

Jacques' original name was Jakob Eberst. Offenbach was of German birth and was Jewish, born Jacob Eberst, the son of Isaac Juda Eberst, a synagogue cantor, bookbinder, music teacher and composer.His father was living in Köln in 1807 when the Napoleonic edict required that Jews had to take inheritable family names, and he took the name of Offenbach since he was already known there as 'Der Offenbacher'. Jacques Offenbach: “Rends-moi mon âme” Jacques Offenbach, Soundtrack: Moulin Rouge!. BIO. The writers took the theme from the 1719 novel Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe, though the work owes more to British pantomime than to the book itself. Jacques Offenbach had a family consisting of nine other brothers and sisters. When he found it, in La belle Hélène and La Périchole, it brought him fame and fortune. He was the seventh child and the second son. Jacqueline Offenbach: Birthdate: 1858: Birthplace: Paris, Paris, Île-de-France, France: Death: 1936 (78) Immediate Family: Daughter of Jacques / Jacob Offenbach and Hérminie Offenbach Wife of Pierre Mousset Sister of Minna Offenbach; Berthe Offenbach; Auguste Offenbach and Pépita Brindejont. Jacques Offenbach, the son of a synagogue cantor, was born in Cologne, Germany, June 20, 1819. Most of Offenbach's operettas were written for this troupe. Jacques Offenbach was a composer-entrepreneur in search of the perfect formula for the musical stage. At age nine his focus turned to the cello, possibly to become the third member of a family trio: his brother Julius was already proficient on the violin, and his sister Isabella was a good pianist. He was the seventh child in his family and took violin lessons from his father. Berthe Offenbach: Birthdate: 1845: Birthplace: Paris, Paris, Île-de-France, France: Death: 1927 (82) Immediate Family: Daughter of Jacques / Jacob Offenbach and Hérminie Offenbach Wife of Charles Comte Sister of Minna Offenbach; Auguste Offenbach; Pépita Brindejont and Jacqueline Offenbach. One of a gifted musical family, he was born in Cologne. His father renamed them after his hometown, Offenbach, Germany.

His father decided that only Paris could offer him the tuition he needed and got him into the Paris Conservatory. Explore genealogy for Jacques Offenbach born 1819 Köln, Provinz Jülich-Kleve-Berg, Königreich Preußen died 1880 Paris IX, Paris, Seine, France including research + children + 1 photos + more in the free family tree community. Jacques Offenbach (June 20, 1819 – October 4, 1880), composer and cellist, the creator of 'La vie Parisienne' and an originator of the operetta form, a precursor of the modern musical comedy.He was one of the most influential composers of popular music in Europe in the 19th century, and many of his works remain in the repertory. The family album gives us an intimate insight into the musical daily life at the Offenbach home in the Glockengasse – at a point in time that was highly significant for the compositional development of the youth who would become Jacques Offenbach, that is, the years leading up to his emigration to Paris in … At the completion of his studies he began playing the cello in the orchestra of the prestigious Opera-Comique. He travelled widely and toured the United States in 1876, where the ebullience of his music took audiences by storm.

Managed by: Malka Mysels: Last Updated: Biography. His first lessons were on violin.

Offenbach was born Jacob Offenbach in Cologne on June 20, 1819.
Is this your ancestor? His father changed their family name to Offenbach after marrying and taking a job as a cantor in Cologne, Germany. The whole family was musical and in the evening often played chamber music together.

Crusoé leaves his family in England and runs away to sea.

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