After Janja's clan retreat, Jasiri, and the two cubs join the Lion Guard, willing to fight against the hyena. But unexpectedly, he starts falling for her and no matter how many times he denies it, the feelings for Jasiri just get stronger and they start meeting up secretly at night. Kovu and the Outlanders have been welcomed back into the Pride Lands and Zira's dream of Kovu becoming king has come true when Kovu and Kiara are married. Jasiri lifted her head off Janja as Janja moved his head from under her. Jasiri looked at him with a soft expression on her face. Risk (Janja X Jasiri Fanfic) 22K Reads 359 Votes 33 Part Story. Kion is in love with Jasiri and Janja develops deep feelings for Jasiri. 53 talking about this. Janja returned the expression before moving forward to nuzzle each other’s noses again, both of them closing their eyes as they did. But after spending time with the hyena Janja comes to care for her and feels he is in love with Jasiri and tries to impress her. Unlike Janja and his clan, she is disgusted by selfishness and gluttony, and respects the Circle of Life. Janja and Jasiri don't get along. She had her eyes staring down at her clan, including Janja's clan, with two members named Cheezi and Chungu. Noticing that he is outnumbered, Janja leaves, promising Jasiri that it isn't over. Risk (Janja X Jasiri Fanfic) Fanfiction. While Janja is about to attack Jasiri, a crocodile who is after Fuli, hits Janja instead of Fuli, making him fall into a steam vent. He is the leader of his clan after all. Jasiri and the cubs to jump on the large rock slab and ride it to safety. Janja told Kion that to defeat Scar, he must use the most powerful roar in the volcano. Stream the best stories.

They were sad that Janja would not be fine if he was hurt extremely bad. Her sister, Madoa, was with Jasiri's clan. "Hey, Jasiri, I'm sure Janja's gonna be okay," Rani said. Otherwise I would not let him to lead, but something motivate me to follow him and stay behind. Jasiri tells Janja to keep the klipspringers running in one direction. But what if one day they are both stuck in the storm and need to help each other to find they way home.

He wiggle his butt like he is gonna twerk.

They fight for her attention. When Madoa reveals that Zira's pride has already entered the Pride Lands, the Lion Guard, the hyenas, and the vultures confront Vitani and her lionesses. In the episode "Never Judge a Hyena by its Spots", Kion gets stuck in the Outlands and meets and befriends a female hyena named Jasiri, who, unlike Janja's clan, is good natured. Jasiri is a tender engine who appears in the Spin Off Series of Emily! White Woman Who Called Cops on Black Man in Central Park Issues Apology | NBC New York - Duration: 3:17. Her face showed nothing more than love and desire for Janja, making more jittery in the heart. When Jasiri offers Janja a place into her Clan, Janja refuses to join. Jasiri doesn't hesitate and bites into Janja's mane and pulls him up. The Song by Janja and Jasiri. By NaturesWish Completed. and then they FUCKED

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