Ceph also has snapshots but as far as I know they are not directly usable from within Rook/Kubernetes but I haven’t really investigated this. Rook orchestrates multiple storage solutions, each with a specialized Kubernetes Operator to automate management. One thing I really want to do is get a test with OpenEBS vs Rook vs vanilla Longhorn (as I mentioned, OpenEBS JIVA is actually longhorn), but from your testing it looks like Ceph via Rook is the best of the open source solutions (which would make sense, it's been around the longest and Ceph is … Rook turns storage software into self-managing, self-scaling, and self-healing storage services. Features of Rook. Rook is an open source cloud-native storage orchestrator for Kubernetes, providing the platform, framework, and support for a diverse set of storage solutions to natively integrate with cloud-native environments.. Rook turns storage software into self-managing, self-scaling, and self-healing storage services. What is Rook?

It doesn’t have off site backups though, so you need to use something with Velero/Restic which does file-level backups instead of backing up point-in-time snapshots. Starting Rook in …

Essentially, Rook allows putting Ceph into containers, and provides cluster management logic for running Ceph reliably on Kubernetes. Choose the best storage provider for your scenarios, and Rook ensures that they all run well on Kubernetes with the same, consistent experience.

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