Lv 7. Include the following: Chapter and Page number Item A quotation explaining how it was found or the significance of the item Date: Hour: Brain What do each of these gifts symbolize? Relevance. Spell. Relevance. 2 pieces of Wrigleys Double Mint Chewing Gum without wrappers. Answer Save. Match. The item they consider their biggest prize is "a pocket watch that wouldn't run, on … Test. Knothole definition is - a hole in a board or tree trunk where a knot or branch has come out. Briefly list the things that they find. Gravity. What items are found next by them? 1 decade ago. RetroRay. Gum.

this is from to kill a mockingbird. Broken pocket watch. 3 Answers. I need a list of things the kids found in Boo's knothole, please. 8 years ago. Jem and Scout did not know where the gum came from at first, but then they realised that it was from Boo Radley. Write. Answer Save. SYDNEY_SPALLINO1. Boo Radley put the gum there so that other people would start to wonder where it came from, so that if they did find out where it came from, they would start to acknowledge Boo.

To Kill a Mockingbird Objects/Places. Indian head pennies. Ball of twine. Flashcards. 2 Answers. How to Kill a Mockingbird: chapters 4-8. PLAY. List the gifts that SCOUt and Jem have found in the knothole in the tree by the Radley house. This is a list of all the treasures they found in the tree. Lv 6. Spelling bee medal. STUDY. They should all be in the order they were found. Favorite Answer. Scout and Jem found gum in the Radley's tree. LEMME ANSWER THAT! what 4 items did jem and scout find in the knot hole? Before the knot-hole in one of the two live oaks which stood at the edge of the Radley lot was filled with cement, Jem and Scout found several items in it. Terms in this set (12) What is the first item Scout finds in a knot- hole in a tree on the Radley place? Learn. Scout and Jem find several more items in the knot-hole of the tree.

The Radley Place: The children of Maycomb County believe that the Radley Place is evil and haunted.They run past it whenever they cannot avoid going by it, and they won’t eat the pecans that fall into the schoolyard from the pecan tree that grows in the Radley yard because they think they’re poisoned. Created by. Favorite Answer. To Kill a Mockingbird-Things in Knothole?

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