Suggestion to the Maplestory2 GMS team to revamp the Empress's Might Job quest.


Even if we didn't get the massive revamp Kanna got I … There’s very few things I’d change about the current Hayato.
Hieizan Temple revamp: Princess No has turned into a weekly boss and now uses the Shard System (Just like in Empress/CRA; Collect 15 Shards to exchange for Level 140 Secondary Weapon) Ancient Ruins Party Quest - a new event Party Quest will be added with Part 2. Hayato: Good as he is?

Cygnus Returns Information Parts 5 Initial Release January 2013 Chronology Previous All: Unlimited MSEA: Season 2 GMS: Spark Next All: REDMSEA: Mark of Honor Cygnus Returns (KR:시그너스 리턴즈) (or Cygnus Awakening in GMS) is a five-part update following Unlimited featuring a complete overhaul for the Cygnus Knights. [21 MAY 2020] v10.33 - MapleStory Adele Power Leveling 1-200 in 1hr 39mins! Were there any indications that hayato was going to get a revamp?

It's a terrible "Revamp" or even calling this a "Balance" it's just horrible, the only cool thing is the new hyper and the mana exchange skill, don't even care about VC change if I … Kanna overhaul and Hayato revamp with Part 1, Beast Tamer and Jett revamp with Part 2. My only guess is that people misread and thought it said revamp for both.

I think the 5% fd is for the Kanna only. Honestly if this is just a number revamp, then this revamp is just detrimental to the class because honestly hayato/kannas get used as either link mules or kanna exclusively being a kishin mule.

my hayato heals constantly while training but mp is an issue so i just bought mana bull and honsters

Overall the Hayato "REVAMP" is very underwhelming.

[20 MAY 2020] v10.32 - KMS 1.2.334 - MapleStory 17th Anniversary Part 2 Update … I wonder what TWMS is going to offer this time considering they were the first server to release Hayato & Kanna's hyper skills Hayato & Kanna Revamp landing TWMS!

ZEN Class Revamp 2.1.

I’ve put a lot of time into my character because I enjoyed training post 5th job (maintaining sword energy and using phantom blade).

General Changes 1.2. GMS (Global MapleStory) released Hayato on March 13 2013. around 3500 per.

Help They took the 4th job skill from Jett, though. [03 JUN 2020] v10.36 - Global MapleStory RISE Update Trailer [01 JUN 2020] v10.35 - MapleStory Hotel Maple 38k Coins Shopping Highlights Video [25 MAY 2020] v10.34 - MapleStory 17th Anniversary Coin Shop Full Showcase!

[NOTE] 5 SP rewarded in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Job Advancement.

Way too many different attack skills, but I think it looks awesome.

The much-anticipated updates for Hayato, Kanna, and ZEN have arrived!

When the Kanna stuff started to leak I got really excited.

JMS (Japan MapleStory) released Hayato on Jul 24 2012. Hayato is one of Sengoku Warrior or also known as a samurai wielding Katana (primary weapon) and a kodachi (secondary weapon). MapleStory Hayato Skill Build Guide Posted in MapleStory. If it was the videos released at maple fest those said kanna revamp. Are you ready for THEIR EMERGENCE?

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