The great fire of Rome took place in A.D. 64. By the time the fire was extinguished, 70% of the city was … the literary city of Rome, during three critical periods from early imperial history: Augustan, Neronian, and post-Neronian Rome. On the night of July 18 64 AD (where it is listed on the Biblical Timeline Chart with World History) a fire erupted in the commercial section in Rome. Another part of early Christianity is the Great Fire of Rome. In 64 A.D., Sirius rose on July 19, the very day the great fire of Rome began. The context of the passage is the six-day Great Fire of Rome that burned much of the city in AD 64 during the reign of Roman Emperor Nero. Check out our Bible Answers page for more information on a variety of topics. Ten of the 14 districts of the city were destroyed, hundreds died, thousands were left homeless, and looters ravaged the city. The Martyrdom of Apostle Paul Approximately 30 years after the death and resurrection of Christ and following the Great Fire of Rome in 64 AD, an open and systematic persecution against Christians was commenced by Nero under the pretext that Christians set the fire. The popular myth surrounding this event is that Nero fiddled the … No one quite knows how it all got started. Brief overview of the events surrounding the Great Fire of Rome In a hot July summer of 64 A.D., a fire broke out near the Capena Gate (the marketplace near the Circus Maximus) and spread quickly across the entire Circus, and finally it was completely out …

Some historians believe Nero may have been responsible for the fire, although his involvement is not clear. The wind was strong then, and the blaze rapidly broadened all over the dried out, wooden buildings of the city. The New Testament reflects that Paul experienced two significant imprisonments in Rome. In the Annals he relates that “by vulgar appellation [they were] commonly called Christians” and identifies Christians as Nero’s scapegoats for the Great Fire of Rome. In each period, a distinct set of fire-related problems arose for the current leader: in the aftermath of disaster, each leader in different ways, attempted to configure himself as protector of and provider for the urban Nero’s palace was destroyed in the great fire of 64 AD and he replaced it with the Domus Aurea, which area went beyond Palatine Hill and Domitian’s Palace covered the portion on Palatine. On July 18, 64 AD, the Great Fire of Rome broke out. It was said he sang a poem he had wrote, "The Sack of Troy," while enjoying the fire, and did not fiddle as convention has it. We know about this event from Tacitus, a Roman source. We know this because Paul writes a letter to a Christian community at Rome, and both Peter and Paul are drawn to Rome. Of Rome’s fourteen districts, only three escaped damage from the fire.
Save for some minor sketchy details, the Great Fire of Rome is fairly well chronicled. Although Nero was accused of setting the fire to divert attention from himself, and for annexing some property he wanted to build his Golden House, it was never proven. Baudy believes that, bearing this prophetic date in mind, some of … No one is sure how the fire started, but after it was done the Roman Emperor Nemo blamed the fire on the Christian people living in Rome. AD 116), book 15, chapter 44..

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