I go to the bridge all the time as well. I read about Alton and realized I've lived 5 minutes from it for most of my life! That is in need of a new road then, They say that something lingers there, Protecting the bridge from others. The Goatman’s Bridge. Years later, in 1884, long after Alton had died, an iron through-truss bridge was built over Hickory Creek on Copper Canyon Road, south of the old townsite. My house might even be where an old one stood! An old and abandoned settlement, It is called the Old Alton Bridge, Built upon with importance in.

Mind as it connects two cities. Goatman’s Bridge also known as Old Alton Bridge located in Denton, Texas is one of those places that when you come to town and ask about hauntings that the first place everyone will point you to. Join us at one of the most haunted locations in North Texas…The Old Alton Bridge better known to the locals as “Goatman’s Bridge”. The Old Alton Bridge in Argyle, Texas was built in 1884 by King Iron and Bridge Co and was eventually bypassed when the Old Alton Road was widened. Old Alton Bridge in Argyle, Texas. The bridge was initially a toll bridge.

The bridge is a Pratt through truss that is 145 feet long and 14.1 feet wide with a 15.4 feet vertical clearance.

It’s just one of those places that has a story of it’s ... Read More about Old Alton Bridge Goatman’s Denton Texas I go to high school right across from the cemetery and church. The title ‘Old Alton Bridge’ was given to the structure due to an old, abandoned town in nearby Denton County – Alton. The Goatman’s Bridge was built by the King Bridge Company in Cleveland, Ohio and was originally called the Old Alton Bridge or the Argyle Bridge. Years later, in 1884, long after Alton had died, an iron through-truss bridge was built over Hickory Creek on Copper Canyon Road, south of the old town site. The Bridge. The Old Clark Bridge was a bridge that carried U.S. Route 67 across the Mississippi River between West Alton, Missouri and Alton, Illinois.It was constructed beginning in 1927, was replaced by the Clark Bridge and was demolished in 1994. To everyone that dares take a step, It is unnerving, this old bridge, I always call the bridge Old Alton bridge. Becky Vickers, a Certified Paranormal Investigator, has been investigating the paranormal for over 35 years and has been featured on television, in … Built by the King Bridge Company of Cleveland, Ohio, the 145-foot long bridge would serve area travelers for more than a century. With thrown rocks and slinging curses. The bridge comes with personal stories, gossip, and myths. The old bridge managed to stay in service until late 2001 when it was finally closed down to vehicle traffic.

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