I have a lot of stuff, more than I need. Viewed 37k times 3. “These stuff” vs. “this stuff” [closed] Ask Question Asked 7 years, 7 months ago.

(not apples); These are two types of apples. stuff definition: 1. a substance, especially when you do not know or say exactly what it is: 2. things that someone…. stuff synonyms, stuff pronunciation, stuff translation, English dictionary definition of stuff. Find descriptive alternatives for things. Feeling down? Millennials choose to spend on experiences over buying stuff. I’ve always been someone who would rather spend money on experiences than things and a recent two-week vacation in Peru made me realize just how important experiences ... Resisting buying stuff has made me want to pare down the existing stuff … (not apple); I think that the construction of the form "two types of apple" sounds more than stilted; it just plain sounds awkward, and I would be surprised that it sounds familiar and normal to anyone (at least speaking for US English). "Things" is a plural noun which is often translated as "las cosas", and "stuff" is a noun which is also often translated as "las cosas". The material out of which something is made or formed; substance. The answer is: Of course not. It's bred into us. But I’m learning that some things in life, some stuff, isn’t good to hold onto.

Things: My No-Buy Month . This sounds so obvious, but I didn’t internalize it until this happened over and over again. We like buying things, at least we think we do. Stuff is an informal way of saying a lot of (various) things. “The things you own in life end up owning you.” —Tyler Durden. n. 1. Learn more about the difference between "things" and "stuff" below. This is an interesting question, particularly because of this dichotomy: This is a type of apple. ... A study by Harris Group found that 72 percent of millennials prefer to spend more money on experiences than on material things. Câștigătorul este acela care are cea mai bună vizibilitate pe Google.

If you want to be happy, spend on experiences (not things). (more informal, less descriptive, more trivialized) New stuff provides instant gratification, sure, but life-long happiness? How to use stuff in a sentence. "Stuff" is more informal than "things," although their usage is similar. More stuff isn’t the answer. They simply can’t imagine how to do proceed—it’s overwhelming. Synonyms for things at Thesaurus.com with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. 1. Experiences vs. "Stuff" is also treated as an uncountable noun, whereas "things" is countable.|well they can be used in similar ways like for an example “that stuff is bad for you” or “those things are bad for you” it’s just they are structured differently. Things must often be weighed, measured and guided as a flow, and stuff often has to be placed in containers which then become things. I’ve tried to get better, and for the most part, I’ve succeeded. I got lots of stuff to do. Still, both words find their way into my vocabulary from time to time.

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