On the other hand, the Stick/ TIG welder can deliver 200amp welding current. When you release the trigger and stop your cut the pressure will build back to whatever PSI you selected and the gauge will show your current PSI. When you begin to cut the air pressure will drop. Steel needs more heat than aluminum, and thicker metals require more as well. We already discussed the air pressure, which is typically set around 60 psi. I used it on several compressors, with tank pressures of 125, 150, and 175, but, again, that's independent of the working pressure, and only an indication of how much air I can uncompress and use for work before the compressor kicks on again. In most shops, compressed air is readily available, and thus plasma does not require fuel gas and compressed oxygen for operation. Adjustments . If you plan to use your system for hobby or for cutting an occasional piece of steel for a project, then an air compressor with a cfm rating slightly higher than the plasma will likely be adequate. Use an appropriate voltage for the metal you are cutting. Initiate the arc with air pressure. The plasma cutter delivers 50 amps current which is ideal to cut up to ½” thickness. It's a 3-in-1 plasma cutter, Stick and TIG welder. If you do a lot of cutting, or plan to cut thick plate, we recommend using a compressor that is 1.5 to 2 times the plasma system requirement. You can use a plasma cutter on its highest setting, but this will result in erratic cuts with lots of slag on thinner metals. This will cover units that are intended for up to 3/8″ thick steel to large units that can handle 7/8″ this steel. This is normal and to be expected. The CT520D is an efficient tool to cut and weld a wide range of things. Refrain from turning the trigger before flipping the air pressure value as this can damage the electrode.

Air requirements for a plasma cutter will require about 4-8 SCFM delivered at 90-120 PSI. Sometimes the plasma cutter may fail to initiate an arc or may break when cutting. Plasma cutting is typically easier for the novice to master, and on thinner materials, plasma cutting is much faster than oxyfuel cutting. This happens when there’s little or no pressure, necessary for cooling the consumables and protect the tungsten. While different gasses can be used for plasma cutting, most people today use compressed air for the plasma gas. Always remember to turn the air pressure valve that feeds the air channel. The main adjustment is the voltage. 1.

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