Unfavorite. Zhao Yun being Zhao Yun, keeps telling her that he has no perverted thoughts. Favorite. When a magical power source dries up after the king’s passing, princess Tamaki performs a ritual to summon saviours in times of dire need, but her power spirals out of control and scatters them across the domain. Having faith in an ancient prophecy discovered by her mother, she uses her royal artifact and the last of the divine spring's powers to summon otherworldly heroes into her realm. Koei Tecmo’s hack’n’slasher Warriors All-Stars features a host of Koei Tecmo game characters is coming to the PC later this year.. A new trailer featuring the Tamaki … Share. Who’s your favourite character in this clan? Warriors All-Stars - Tamaki Clan Trailer Assemble your ultimate team to save the world and learn how the characters relationships grow as you play through Warriors All-Stars … Warriors All Stars brings some of Koei Tecmo’s most famous characters into the Dynasty Warriors format, including characters taken straight from the aforementioned series. She owns the Yata Mirror as proof of her royal lineage. Unfortunately it doesn’t keep track of all the Battles you beat. Rate .

Role in Games Edit Warriors All-Stars Edit. Warriors All-Stars has the following tropes:. Favorited. While a few extra bells and whistles are added here and there, along with much improved character variety, it’s still a Dynasty Warriors game at its heart—and that’s not a bad thing. WARRIORS ALL-STARS, the latest in one-versus-thousand series of games, is a celebration of all things KOEI TECMO. Warriors All-Stars – All Playable Heroes Cody Perez Thursday, August 31, 2017 As we mentioned in our review , Warriors All-Stars isn’t like any other Musou -style game out there right now. Hello and welcome to the guide of achievements for Warriors All Stars. Introducing the Tamaki Clan! Warriors All-Stars coming to PS4 & PC (Steam) 01/09! Tamaki is Shiki's younger sister and the one who is prophesied to inherit the throne. In a mysterious land brought to the brink of destruction when a magical spring, the source of its power, dries up after its kings passing, a young princess, Tamaki, brings to life a legend that calls for the summoning of champions from other realms. As the legend foretells that the land’s liberator will be crowned its new ruler, Tamaki sets out at once to seek the new arrivals and restore peace to the kingdom. Tamaki Clan: DYNASTY WARRIORS… This game has multiple routes and endings. Accidental Pervert: In Oka's recruitement mission as Tamaki's team, Zhao Yun is accused of looking at her while she was bathing.In truth he was searching for bandits and was blamed instead of the bandit who was peeking on her. A special costume for Tamaki, exclusively for "WARRIORS ALL-STARS: Costume Set" holders only. You will need to fight in every type of Battle for one of the achievements and you only have 8 save slots, however everything carries over in a New Game+.

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