Gold Squadron was a Squadron that served in several battles across the galaxy during the Clone Wars.

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"A gold droid for Gold leader of Gold Squadron. Watch past streams and other X-wing related content Gold Squadron was a Y-Wing Starfighter squadron of Rebel pilots. During the battle of Muunilinst, the squadron would lose Gold Leader. Share - Hasbro Star Wars Gold Squadron Y Wing Fighter.



Star Wars: The Clone Wars is an American 3D CGI animated television series created by George Lucas and produced by Lucasfilm Animation, Lucasfilm and CGCG Inc.

―Ahsoka Tano, to Anakin Skywalker, regarding R3-S6 — Listen ( file info ) [src] Gold Squadron was a starfighter squadron in … email: phone: 8-DAY-GREEDO (832-947-3336) mail: Star Wars Minute PO Box 20139 Greedo Square Station New York, NY 10001. Additions to this article may be given by any user, but if you wish to modify a previous addition to better fit your ideas, you should ask about it on this article's talk page.

This article is a stub. We strive to bring information via our shows, stream, videos, and social media that X-wing players and Star Wars Fans want to see. Gold Squadron. The squadron had several pilots within the unit.

All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews 0 in Group Chat | View Stats. The game's story was influenced by the Star Wars: X-wing Rogue Squadron comics and is set in the fictional Star Wars … Top Contributors: David Fuller, Jared Petty, Wiki_Holocron_Droid + more. They escorted Senator Mon Mothma to Dantooine alongside the Ghost crew after she publicly called out Emperor Palpatine. It is a time of great rejoicing in the galaxy.

They have clones.

The hardest stat in this mission is the enemy killed total.

They served as an escort for Mon Mothma on her way to meet various Rebel cells gathering above Dantooine. Any user is allowed to contribute to or elaborate on this article. But there is little time to celebrate.

The series began with a theatrical feature film released on August 15, 2008, and debuted on Cartoon Network on October 3, 2008. Members Jon Vander (Gold Leader) (Deceased), Gold Two, Tyson "Gold Three" (Deceased), Gold Four (Deceased), Gold Five (Deceased), Ezra Bridger "Gold Two" (Temporarily)

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Star Wars: Rogue Squadron is an arcade-style flight action game co-developed by Factor 5 and LucasArts.The first of three games in the Rogue Squadron series, it was published by LucasArts and Nintendo and released for Microsoft Windows and Nintendo 64 in December 1998. Tyler Tippet and Marcel Manzano - Round 3 - Gold Squadron Podcast 2018 - Duration: 1 hour, 13 minutes. The Gold Squadron Podcast is dedicated to help improve and grow the X-wing community. Become a Patron!

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Last Edited: 11 Jun 2015 11:03 pm. STAR WARS™: Rogue Squadron 3D. Posted by Star Wars Minute; Filed under : Episodes, Rogue One; Tags: credits, Joe Dator; Previous » Subscribe. Flying over the death star, the first section of the battle entails the destruction of rebel airships trying to penetrate the giant battle station's defenses.

A Y-Wing squadron stationed at Yavin 4. Free postage. … The squadron served at battles including the battles of Muunilinst and Christophsis. Otherwise, this is an average difficulty gold.


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Luke Skywalker, with the help of Wedge Antilles, has blown up the Death Star.

Page Tools. If you got gold at Ison Corridor then my guess is you are already equipped.

Star Wars Wiki Guide. They escorted Senator Mon Mothma to Dantooine alongside the Ghost crew after she publicly called out Emperor Palpatine. Search for: Buy the Opening Theme. Gold Squadron, also referred to as Gold Group, was a starfighter squadron during the Galactic Civil War. Any user is allowed to reference the contents of this article in their work. Streaming premier events, league night, Paint Tutorials and more.

A Y-Wing squadron stationed at Yavin 4. Gold Squadron General information Type Clone Squadron Founders Anakin Skywalker Leaders Anakin Skywalker Notable members Various Historical information Formed from c.22 BBY Other information Eras Rise of the Empire era Affiliation Galactic Republic Gold Squadron was a unit of the Grand Army of the Republic. TWITCH STREAM Live 5 Days a Week. Contact Us.

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