The Stirling engine is an invention conceived over 200 years ago. The class is characterized by its low acoustic signatures, extreme shock resistance and a competent combat system. The Kockums Stirling air-independent propulsion system on-board reduces the need for frequent battery charging and increases the submerged endurance of the submarine.

Submarines- Stirling powered submarines can stay submerged much longer than conventional submarines. Stirling is a silent and vibration-free external combustion engine.

Stirling engines also power the Japanese submarine Soryu class submarine and are rumored to power some new Chinese submarines². A Stirling engine is particularly well suited for a submarine because the engine is near silent and can use the surrounding sea water as a heat sink to increase efficiency.

In 2005, the USS Ronald Reagan met its match in the form of a single, diesel-powered Swedish submarine. However, the two-hundred-foot-long Swedish Gotland-class submarines, introduced in 1996, were the first to employ an Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) system—in this case, the Stirling engine. A Stirling engine is particularly well suited for a submarine because the engine is near silent and can use the surrounding sea water as a heat sink to increase efficiency. Japan for … 1) Stirling engine is used in some submarines because this engine produce very less noise thus serving its purpose for submarine which is used for secret purposes. Submerged endurance is dependent on the amount of liquid oxygen stored on-board and is described as "weeks". A new variation of the Stirling-engine system was part of the Gotland's upgrade package, which necessitated the submarine being cut in half. In short, a stirling engine is a highly efficient engine with a limited number of application as of the current development in comparison with a typical IC engine like diesel engine. CONCLUSION The use of stirling engine or any other AIP methods is never an alternative for the mammoth nuclear submarines. This air-independent propulsion system reduces the need for frequent battery charging and increases the submerged endurance of the submarine, which is obviously an important feature of a submarine.

Swedish ship builder Kockums first installed Stirling engines in submarines, and with them the submarine doesn't have to surface to recharge its batteries, extending its submersion from days to weeks.

Soryu is the first submarine of the JMSDF to be equipped with Stirling engines manufactured by Sweden-based Kockums. Stirling engines are a type of reciprocating external heat engine that uses one or more pistons to achieve useful work through some input of heat from an external source. In the late 1980s Kockums fitted a Stirling engine in the Royal Swedish Navy submarine Näcken. It has, however, not been used to the extent that we predict will be the case in the coming years. China has 15 Stirling-powered Yuan-class Type 039A submarines with 20 more planned, as well as a single large Type 032 missile submarine that can fire ballistic missiles. Stirling engines use the same gas over and over, unlike internal combustion engines which constantly intake and exhaust the gas. The rest of the videos are based around the submarine disassembly and installation of the Stirling module, and its other operational aspects. The Stirling engine is a heat engine that is vastly different from the internal-combustion engine in your car. In the mid-1980s Kockums installed Stirling engines and a LOX (Liquid Oxygen) system from AGA Cryo aboard the French 500 ton civilian research submarine Saga which has an operating depth of 600 meters and is fitted with a diving system for work at depths as deep as 450 meters. SSK Gotland Class (type A19) Stirling powered submarines The submarine … The submarine was put into drydock and cut in two.

Here's the video Explanation: During 1988 extended HMS Näcken with about 8 feet to make room for two Stirling engines, and thus became the first military submarine to utilize this type of machinery. Stirling is a silent and vibration-free external combustion engine. While submerged, the Kockums-built Stirling engine AIP system is used to drive a 75-kilowatt (101 shp) generator for either propulsion or charging the batteries. Nuclear power plants- There is potential for Stirling engines to replace steam …

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