Some surge protectors also have safety shutters to cover outlets that aren’t being used, to protect them from small children, for example. Buying a surge protector rather than a simple power strip is a small investment that can pay big dividends by protecting your electronic devices. January 28, 2010. If you see a light that doesn’t turn on when the surge protector is connected to an outlet, the surge protector has worn down and it just functions as a power strip with no surge protection.

If the surge protector is very old, there’s a chance that it no longer functions as a surge protector and needs to be replaced.

If you have electronic items, then you know what a power strip is.
Learn More About Protection for Your Electronic Devices. Power Strip vs. Surge Protector.
That’s the purpose of the light on new surge protectors, of course. The outlets in your house or office likely have room for two devices. When it comes to power strips vs. surge protectors, you shouldn’t have to choose. A power strip plugs into your wall outlet and allows you to plug in multiple electronic devices. A surge protector functions like a power strip with multiple outlets, but it also protects your electronics from sudden power loss due to voltage spikes, particularly with lightning strikes or surges from a power company issue.

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