I will help you in completing this game as fast as possible, while being as thorough as possible. The walkthrough will prevent that from happening during your playthrough. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is separated into Chapters.

The Bunker Walkthrough Please note that the details below reflect the time and playthroughs required to get all the Achievements in this walkthrough. Use the keycard on the reader to the side of the door to unlock the bunker. Some trophies are missable as they can be missed if you proceed with the story too far. This walkthrough contains every specific action you need to realize in each chapter in order to unlock all collectibles trophies. This is a YoRHa command base that floats in orbit around Earth In this Chapter you will find the walkthrough and tips related to The Last Bunger mission, as well as the location of all hidden objects to find. Mission 02 - The Last Bunker | They Are Billions campaign walkthrough They Are Billions guide, walkthrough. Also check the walkthrough above for this information.
Chapter 1: Chapter 1 is a cinematic introduction and contains no trophy. The Bunker ~ Platinum Walkthrough (Text/Video) This is a complete Platinum Walkthrough for the entire game that will help you obtain the Platinum Trophy in only one playthrough. 0.

O Check the Bunker. Also jump on the red button nearby a couple of times: This will cause the prize bubbles to fall down: [BLUE SHELLSHUIT], [YELLOW DAMASK], [RUSSIAN BANNER], [SCARY HEAD], and [METAL SPEAR]. So, obviously the outside air must still be laden with radiation. The Bunker - The Bunker is a completely live action experience with point-and-click interactivity.
At the end of the game I could not help feeling that the logic/premise of the whole game is flawed. Welcome to the TrueAchievements walkthrough for The Bunker. It cannot be fast-traveled to; however, it has a one-way fast-travel station. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Walkthrough []. After the conclusion of the Prologue, you will find yourself aboard the Bunker in outer space. When you've done so, you will be rewarded with the [SPIRAL DOODLE], [FACES IN CIRCLES] and the [RUSSIAN BORDER].

Post Comment. The Restore the Bunker step of the quest requires you to fight deeper into the bunker where you'll help Zavala and Ana.

Chapter 2: In this chapter you will have the opportunity to read a book to John's mother for Bookworm, preferably take "The Bible". Please click on a Chapter below for appropriate walkthrough … Story walkthrough Once the game has loaded up, I recommend turning up the brightness and switching the sensitivity to 1.5, as this game is dark (underground bunker...duh!) 28. 6. The Bunker is a live action game that’s a cross between an interactive movie and a point and click game, that last about as long as a movie. You are escaping a bunker that is flooding with radiation because the air filters were non-functional; i.e., no filtering of the radiation present in the outside air to make it safe to breathe.

You’ll find many pickups in the surrounding rooms. The Bunker is a location in Borderlands 2.It is the place where BNK3R is fought during the mission Where Angels Fear to Tread.The area is accessible only via Thousand Cuts after Claptrap has enabled access through the security gate.

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