The remainder are taken from EWTN’s website. Welcome to our ongoing online walk through the Theology of the Body! It becomes, in a way, also the theology of sex, or rather the theology of masculinity and … THEOLOGY OF THE BODY: AN OVERVIEW. GENERAL AUDIENCE Wednesday 14 November 1979 . Denis Read, O.C.D.

"Theology of the body" 6. In the theology of the body, Pope John Paul shows no embarrassment for his repeated appeal to the two accounts of creation in Genesis. To Be Imitators of God & To walk in Love Robert Colquhoun 23.2.06 What is Theology of the Body? Here is the series of catecheses on the Theology of the Body by Pope John Paul II. All 129 of Pope John Paul II’s General Audiences on the Theology of the Body can be found at … Theology of the Body is a series of 133 papal audiences on the human person understood within the mystery of Christ which St. John Paul II delivered from 1979-1984. He admits the accounts are myth, but not in the rationalist sense of fable. It's this series of audiences that is collectively known as the "theology of the body." I'm gonna keep going.

This integrated vision of the human person focuses on the revelation of God's mystery and plan for human life in and through the human body. Theology of the Body Overview. Last Wednesday we began this series of reflections on the reply Christ gave to his questioners on the subject of the unity and indissolubility of marriage. All of these questions, and many more, are answered in the 129 Wednesday audiences popularly known as the “Theology of the Body,” delivered by St. John Paul II between 1979 and 1984. 1. John Paul himself said “The body, and, in fact, only the body is capable of making visible the invisible: the spiritual and the divine” (TOB 19:4) Far from viewing women’s bodies as a liability, the Theology of the Body presented authentically body-positive messaging before it was “cool,” understanding every human person, body and soul, to be good, made by Love Himself and for love. John Paul II ; Developed in ; 129 General Audiences; 2 A 4 Year Catechesis 2 parts. This series precedes his Catechesis on God, the Father. His reflections are based on Scripture and contain a vision of the human person truly worthy of man. The Theology of the Body Institute spreads the life-giving message of Theology of the Body through graduate-level courses, on-site speaker programs, and clergy enrichment training. Right from the beginning, the theology of the body is bound up with the creation of man in the image of God. Theology of the Body. General Audience, September 12, 1979. On the contrary, "the body, in fact, and only the body, is capable of making visible what is invisible: the spiritual and the divine" to cite one of the most frequently quoted passages from the theology of the body (Audience 19, section 4). Theology of the Body Institute seeks to penetrate and permeate the culture with a vision of true sexuality that appeals to the deepest yearnings of the human heart for love and union.

3 This week, join Bill Donaghy as we unpack TOB Audience #87, “Wives be Submissive? Between 1978 and 1984, Pope St. John Paul II delivered a series of Wednesday audiences that eventually became known as the Theology of the Body.This profound teaching offered what St. John Paul called an “adequate anthropology”—an examination of what it means to be human, made in God’s image and likeness, and how that reality is … A study of Christ's words on marriage and their implications for the redemption of the body, An analysis of the sacramentality of marriage as presented in Ephesians 5, with added insights from Humanae Vitae. John Paul devoted his Wednesday audiences between September 1979 and November 1984 to presenting an in-depth biblical explanation of the mystery of marriage and human sexuality. Now, the pope goes on, he says, and I'm in section one of this audience, 130 - two second to the last audience, he says, Responsible fatherhood and motherhood Okay, being awake and aware about the meaning of your body as spouses. For a popular explanation of the Theology of the Body: Introduction to John Paul II's Theology of the Body; PART 1: THE WORDS OF CHRIST.

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