Jan 13, 2015 - The GAPS diet is supposed to be a really good diet for healing and sealing your digestive system, especially if you have (or have developed) problems like I have.

But towards the end of the week I began to improve. If you’re anything like me you’ve probably tried conventional treatments, alternative treatments, supplements, elimination diets and God knows what else. The GAPS diet is in line (not exactly, but some similar properties) with other restricted diets, such as the Specific Carbohydrate Diet or the Feingold diet, that help with gut-related auto-immune issues. From Raw Vegan to GAPS to Now.

I thought it might be interesting to list a few GAPS-legal vegan recipes. We started initially with the GAPS intro diet, which is a highly restrictive program designed for intensive healing. I believe that I have leaky gut, which has led to an inability to eat anything dairy-related (a good description of leaky gut can be found here). The Wholesome app is the perfect companion to help you get all the nutrients you need from your diet. Yes, animal foods contain essential nutrients, and meat, eggs, and broth are central to GAPS diet, but where there is a will there’s a way, and everyone is different. The Best Nutrition App for Vegans. Once the gut is healed—but for some people with particularly severe conditions such as schizophrenia, for example, or Crohn’s disease, or let’s say multiple sclerosis, or fibromyalgia, once they’re on the GAPS nutritional protocol and once they’ve recovered, they usually have to continue staying on the GAPS diet, which is very easy, actually. However, since GAPS reintroduces carbohydrates and glucose in the form of fruit and other natural sugars, GAPS is not a ketogenic diet.) For gut/brain problems or really severe cases, the GAPS intro diet can be helpful as well.

The GAPS diet is an intervention protocol that helps to detoxify the body, especially the digestive system, to enable healing of the gut lining and re-population of gut bacteria, improving gut health and overall health and wellbeing. The vegan movement is very strong right now, with many people choosing to make the often-dramatic diet and lifestyle change. Our Leaky Gut Diet Protocol.

The goal is to eliminate the use and harm of living beings. It is outlined it detail here. I can’t find any widespread studies, i.e., real science, so I troll parent groups on-line for other parents’ experience. The worst of my digestive symptoms subsided, leaving only the bloating and abdominal distension that has become my norm (picture a four month pregnant belly on an otherwise very skinny girl). But, you’re still sick or overweight— even if you eat healthy, whole foods. Here is a recipe list with modifications for the autoimmune reset.

A true vegan diet is not recommended for GAPS type healing, or for true long term health, although for some conditions/people it can have short term benefits. Wholesome Health - April 30th, 2018. We all know that GAPS is not a vegan diet, but my sister is visiting this weekend and she is a vegan.Having voiced my sisterly objections months ago, I will be cooking vegan meals for us this weekend.
As the diet progresses, more and more foods are added back onto the GAPS diet food list.

I needed to… On a vegan diet and looking to optimize your nutrition or prove to your friends that you really do get enough protein? A vegan diet focuses on plant-based foods and beverages and excludes all animal products. The GAPS diet meal plan is introduced in six stages, with the GAPS diet stage 1 being the most restrictive.
What is the GAPS diet?

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