Neal Fakes His Death in the 'White Collar' Finale & Might Go On To Attempt his Biggest Heist Yet.

Once Upon a Time said goodbye to a series regular this week. Neal (Michael Raymond-James) sacrificed himself for his family in Sunday's episode, "Quiet Minds," breinging the character's three-season arc to … Original Air Date: January 30, 2014 Synopsis: The hunt for Rebecca Lowe is on! Woodford does not know who the mole is, but he is sure it is not Neal since a spy bug was found before Neal joined the group. A few episodes previoua to the series finale we see Mozzie bringing a mannequin into Neal’s house to fake Neal’s death but for a different reason. Once Emma spells her magic, Neal dies in her and Rumble's arms. On Thursday night, the White Collar series finale aired and the viewers were waiting to see what surprises and debauchery would be in store from the loved Neal Caffrey, Agent Peter Burke and Mozzie. In the series finale, he faked his death, "Neal Caffrey's Greatest Con," as Mozzie put it.

Neal refuses to help find the mole, making Woodford trust him even more and reveal the plan to steal the cash from the airport via a massive armed assault.

Contents . Neal requests Emma to use her magic spell to separate them but Emma is helpless as she knows he will die if she does that. A year after his 'death', Mozzie gives Peter a key to a storage locker with evidence of the fact that Neal is in fact alive. Neal ( Michael Raymond-James ) sacrificed himself for his family in Sunday's episode, … Mozzie not only knew about Neal’s con but planned it along with Neal. If you haven't seen Sunday night's Once Upon A Time, I'm sorry that you read this headline and now it's ruined for you. With a citywide search in progress, Neal and Peter try to get inside her mind, but Rebecca herself soon makes the extent of her plan clear. Character Profile. It turns out the murderous mastermind has injected Mozzie with a slow-acting poison. The last scene of the series shows him alive, free, and in Paris. Well, that ending is not going to piss anyone off.

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