The main point Atticus makes in his closing statement is that a court is no better than the members of the jury. In Atticus closing remarks, he says a court is no better than a what?

What were Atticus' closing remarks to the jury? What were Atticus' closing remarks to the jury? ” Here are the two reasons he gives to develop his argument.
Home To Kill a Mockingbird Q & A in Atticus closing remarks To Kill a Mockingbird in Atticus closing remarks . He is reminding them that racism pervades Maycomb and society, but they do not have to give into it.

He said to put all of their biases aside and judge the case fairly, so that their ruling might be fair and true. The law was the great leveler, and he expected that the jury would remember that and do the right thing in the name of God and let Tom go home to his family. The closing remarks are summed up to mean that Atticus wants to convince the jury to do their duty for once. He said to put all of their biases aside and judge the case fairly, so that their ruling might be fair and true. Rhetorical Analysis of Atticus Finch’s Closing Statement (Movie Version) To Kill a Mockingbird is known to many as one of the best pieces of American literature. Christopher L. Taylor English 303 Professor A. Ludwig – Instructor 25 October 2012 ATTICUS FINCH CLOSING ARGUMENT – TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD Atticus Finch begins his closing statement with his claim “to begin with, this case should have never come to trial. The State has not produced one iota of medical evidence that the crime Tom Robinson is charged with ever took place. Atticus Finch delivers his Closing Argument at the Trial of Tom Robinson Atticus : To begin with, this case should never have come to trial.

Atticus Finch Closing Speech Posted on September 15, 2016 by Junhan Duan First of all, I want to make sure one fatal thing, that the people of Macomb, either standing or sitting here, all believe that in the court, justice will not partiality for anyone and every person deserves their result, and this trail will certainly be transparent, fair and equally for every person who sits either on the plaintiff or the dock. Atticus is condemning racism in his closing remarks, and he asks the jury to do their duty and acquit Tom Robinson.Atticus is telling the jury that they know Tom Robinson is innocent, and they should not convict him just because he is black. Atticus knows even this jury can understand this metaphor. As well this case is so completely clear that Tom is innocent and Bob Ewell is guilty unspeakable crimes. What was the jury's verdict? Atticus is actually condemning racism and ignorance in his closing argument at Tom’s trial.

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One of the characters in the book, Atticus Finch, is a lawyer representing Tom Robinson, a southern black man who has been accused of rape by a white woman. Obviously this case has everything to do with race and skin colour. Atticus then reminded the jury that the courtroom was the one place where all men truly were created equal.

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