When used as an expletive- Very offensive to religious (Christian) people.

WHY is Hughesnet speed performance so damn slow ? Researchers have a lead on an explanation for why period pain and premenstrual symptoms (PMS) can suck so much for some women. When damn just won't do. It’s difficult to picture anyone arguing that Disney’s animated adventure musical Moana is in any way inferior to fellow cartoons like DreamWorks’ Trolls, a movie based on a once-popular line of toy trolls, or Illumination Entertainment’s Sing, a movie based on the frequently popular idea of singing. If you say, "My damn transmission is acting up again," you're saying that your transmission is so vile that for its sins it has been damned to eternal hellfire. why is 'god damn' a bad word? When used as an expletive- Very offensive to religious (Christian) people. February 9, 2014 at 2:53 pm been hanging out with a christain group just because i have 0 other friends offline and overall they cool people until they start talking about their views and stuff. Holy Fucking Shit. I have noticed how a lot of music videos on MTV have "God" bleeped out but not "Damn" (e.g. Favorite Answer. This is why America acts so goddamn crazy all the time, and it’s also one of the major obstacles to getting any kind of robust peace movement up and running in the US. Relevance. Actually, saying "damn" is worse. Update: it is one word...goddamnit. numbr 1. poop is free so u dont haev to pay. top 10 reeason why poop is best diet. Before your brain starts recalling successful searches you’ve had, and before this turns into only a rant let’s see some examples. I can't stand it anymore. Protests, Marvel …

Using the phrase "God damn" in common discourse, trite frustrations, and thoughtless responses just makes God and his work as insignificant as a petty irritation, and it's an expression of disrespect and dishonor. I want to bang the animal crossing dog so goddamn bad. When damn just won't do. Don't bite my head off, I'm just curious. ! The original copypasta reads: Holy fucking shit. I probably will be breaking my contract with Hughesnet,ridiculous ! Actually, its damn it. I can't stand it anymore. Why is my damage so goddamn bad!? why is goddamn considered a bad word? I Want to Bang So Goddamn Bad is a copypasta used to express a sarcastic sexual attraction to various fictional characters. io9.

1 decade ago. In a large 2016 study, scientists found a link between an inflammation biomarker and PMS severity, which suggests that acute inflammation could be triggering all the cramps and bloating. As the Punisher Skull Re-Emerges on Cops in U.S. This is a query for checking out what reddit thinks in regards to buying a phone, while specifying to … For some reason, it's considered taking God's name in vain, while strangely, saying things like "Oh my God," "For God's sake," and "I swear to God" are somehow *not* taking his name in vain. 42. BearishAuto481 Active Member. 26 Answers. That's why Christians get so offended. So why is "goddamn" objectionable, while "damn" is less so? The Lakers Suck So Goddamn Bad And I Love It And So Should You. Goddamn definition, (used as an exclamation of any strong feeling, especially of disgust or irritation, and often followed by it.) Go.

This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race by Fall Out Boy). 1; 2; 3; First Prev 3 of 3 Go to page. Every time I go to the town hall I get a massive erection.

Adding a religious word to some kind of curse word/phrase is not necessarily a bad thing, unless of course you are religious, its just very offensive to those who believe in the religion you are cursing.

"Damn" is a shortened version of "damned." You may also like. Dammit is slang. Answer Save. !the speed and connection shouldn't be this slow , very disappointed as a new customer !!!! BearishAuto Joined Feb 13, 2017 Messages 126 Reactions 122. I agree war is bad … ... Holy fucking shit. See more. I never had such slow performance with Comcast internet plus Comcast prices were better .

Google Search is ridiculously, utterly bad. Lv 7. Thread starter i47; Start date Dec 16, 2019; Prev. We are also a predominantly Christian country, but oddly people don't seem to be as offended as much. I want to bang Ben Shapiro so goddamn bad.

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